HSC-AC-IT2: Biometric Access Control Terminal

HSC-AC-IT2: Biometric Access Control Terminal

Feature rich and inexpensive, the HSC-AC-IT2 is the next generation to our sturdy and reliable HSC-AC-IT terminal.  Slimmed down and simplified, this very high quality biometric terminal is designed to be highly versatile, addressing application needs from office buildings to residential dwellings, health care facilities, hotels and marine uses.

Like all Hanscan hardware, the HSC-AC-IT2 is solid state. It has an RFID backup option and terminal-front LED’s that can be used for visual messaging. This terminal can be delivered in virtually any color combination or finish imaginable.

Hanscan’s HSC-AC-IT2 Terminal has the following features:

  • High security access control to restricted areas
  • Backup RFID card reader
  • No biometric data stored
  • Authentication robustness & extreme data security
  • Radio frequency (RF) sensor for ensuring a very high quality biometric data sample capture and reliability
  • Life detection mechanisms for fraud resistance
  • Advanced tampering mechanism (double axis)

Download HSC-AC-IT2 Datasheet