The BIOCRYPTOLOGY® Intelligent Payment System

System Description

Hanscan’s Biocryptology Intelligent Payment System is designed for use in enclosed environments where purchases are charged to a specified account held by a customer, such as the case in most leisure properties (hotels, casinos, resorts and cruise ships, etc.). Guests are assigned an account at the time of check in that is generally assigned to their room or accommodation space and to which all purchases are assigned.

Hanscan’s Intelligent Payment System allows the operator of a property to extend the convenience of site purchases to be made without collateral documents (keys, cards, ID’s, PIN codes, etc.) while capturing and assigning these transactions in real-time, thus avoiding accounting errors (guest checkout prior to receipts being delivered to the front desk or accounting office) and cases of fraud and forgetfulness (person claiming to be a guest assigns a charge to a room not occupied by them, or merely misremembering a room/account number).

The HSC-MP also allows for interactive communication with the guest as still images and/or streaming video content can be displayed on the terminal while the guest is interacting with it. This Intelligent Payment System is a large step forward in guest convenience and accounting process automation.

System component configuration

The BIOCRYPTOLOGY® Intelligent Payment System is comprised of the following Hanscan components: